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We B Waxin Ads is the nations first transient billboard advertising agency. Established in 2002 with the idea of aggressive advertising. After years of providing low CFM (cost per 1000 impressions) a better method with strong results emerged. That new method is the transient billboard method which we now use. This revolutionary idea allow groups of businesses to share their prime high traffic locations. How is this more effect? When placing a self based advert, the only result is reinforcement of existing customers. With the opportunity of shared locations that same advert now speaks to a new group of potential customers and reminds former customers that the business still exists. We B Waxin Ads provides the community of businesses to become stronger. We handle printing of the graphics, the regular rotation of billboards, the expansion of the community itself, and the maintenance of all equipment. Sit back and enjoy the most cost effective advertising ever.

 Because most people today have short attention spans getting them information quickly is vital. Billboard marketing is an effective tool to use because it offers a simple and concise statement that is also a cost effective investment. Billboard advertising is always a great suggested tool to supplement all other forms of your marketing campaigns. Billboards have been used more significantly over the last 5 years. Today there are 53% more cars in the United States alone when compared to the cars 30 years ago which means that more billboards are being seen every day. Billboard marketing is actually seen by 93% of Americans which is a very important thing to take notice of when deciding how to get the word out about any business or product.  

 One substantial fact is that billboard marketing is very efficient when it comes to cost. You have many options like advertising in the newspaper, with flyers or even on television. One huge difference is that going with billboards will cost you 80% less than if you choose a T.V. ad. Obviously, as any business owner knows, in order to make money in business you must put money into it. And why not spend the money on something that can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week?

 This should go without saying, but choosing a billboard that is located in the middle of nowhere will not give you a very good return on your investment, so opting for a high traffic location should be your first choice. If there are no eyes looking at your billboards then it will not be worthwhile. With Big Rollin Ads your billboard will be relocated regularly from one high traffic area to the next. So whats better than always being in high traffic locations and with a seemingly new billboard to catch the eye?.